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  1. Macular Degeneration (MD): A Self Help Guide to Nonvisual Skills by Dan RobertsLink

    Learn how to maintain up to 99% of common daily living activities, even with no functional vision.

  2. Blind Sailing Website & Log JournalsLink

    On November 10, 2005, Pamela Habek and Scott Duncan became the first legally blind people to cross the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Become Your Own O&M InstructorArticle

    You don't always need a professional mobility instructor to conquer a new route. Your key to becoming more independent is to simply think out of the box. Read my long article to learn how.

  4. Traveling by Air, Part 1Article

    Traveling by air as a blind person does not have to be an intimidating experience. With a few tips, the novice and expert alike can ensure a smooth process.

  5. Stepping out into darkness and the UnknownArticle