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  1. How to use the new Yahoo mailQuestion

    I am having trouble using the new yahoo mail with JAWS.

  2. Using JAWS With Popular ApplicationsLink

    Are you struggling to use JAWS with popular applications like XL, MSWord etc? Here's where you can get help.

  3. Configuring automatic reading of field names in ExcelArticle

    If you tab around a worksheet, your screen reader speaks the coordinates of the currently active cell. This article describes a screen-reader independent way of configuring your worksheet to have row and column titles automatically spoken as you navigate the sheet.

  4. Web Anywhere Screen ReaderLink

    This link points to a web site where there is a free, ready-to-run screen reader that requires no installation.

  5. The RoboBraille Service: Best Quality OCRArticle

    RoboBraille is a web-based service for converting inaccessible PDF, Word, or even JPG images of text. Read on to find out more about this beautiful online service!

  6. How to make math and other special symbols talk in JAWSArticle

    How to read special symbols with JAWS screen reading software

  7. How to Quickly view E-mail message in Browser with Outlook 2010Article

    Read on to find out how you can quickly access your complicated HTML message in your browser when read using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010.

  8. How to Make images of Text Appear Larger and Readable for OCRArticle

    Learn how to independently enlarge image-based documents containing small print, using screen reader technologies.

  9. You Tube demonstrations of the JAWS Screen reader.Article

    There are over 2000 you tube videos about JAWS, here are just a few to get you started! This is from Jonathan Durtschi