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  1. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply BlushVideo

  2. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply Foundation.Video

  3. Discussion on Low Vision and Blind Perspectives on How to Apply MakeupVideo

  4. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply Eye ShadowVideo

  5. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply MascaraVideo

  6. A Blind Perspective on How to Apply LipstickVideo

  7. Why Are You Trying To Make That Child Blind? by Carol CastellanoAudio

    Audio of Carol Castellano's speech given July 8, 2009 at the National Federation of the Blind Convention.

  8. How to Make Open Office AccessibleAudio

    A demo on how to make open office accessible using java access bridge.

  9. Seeing With Sound - Using Flash SonarArticle

    How do blind people navigate around without walking into things? I use echo location to detect opsticles in my way and to get a picture of the area around me.

  10. www.wonderbaby.orgLink

  11. Blind Man driving Motor Boat SoloArticle

    Blind Bahamian Attempts driving Motor Boat Completely Solo. He will be alone on leed boat, guided by radio only.

  12. How to use hotmail as a blind user effectivelyQuestion

    I want to help my blind friends use hotmail to read email, get attachments, and send it without them hating the email client. Does any one have ideas how this can be done?

  13. Blind archaeologist uncovers ancient childbirth inscriptionArticle

    awesome articleabout what blind people can do!

  14. Voice Over is WonderfulArticle

    I, like a great majority of people, take part in social network, and text messaging, and with Voice Over, the capability to keep in touch, and use your cell phone has greatly improved for blind and low vision people, immensely.