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  1. How to use hotmail as a blind user effectivelyQuestion

    I want to help my blind friends use hotmail to read email, get attachments, and send it without them hating the email client. Does any one have ideas how this can be done?

  2. VoiceOver, the basicsArticle

    VoiceOver, a screen reader for many of apple's devices, is quite accessible and easy to use. In this tutorial, I will do my best to guide you through its basic use.

  3. Apple Website: VoiceoverLink

    Apple website link that describes Voiceover and provides text and video tutorials on how to independently use.

  4. Android 4.0 Platform Highlights. Article

    Highlights from the Android platform regarding accessibility.

  5. Release of JAWS 13Article

    JAWS 13 is now available!

  6. Nokia Screen Reader from Code FactoryArticle

    New Nokia screen reader available probably later this year on selected phones. Check it out!

  7. Voice Over is WonderfulArticle

    I, like a great majority of people, take part in social network, and text messaging, and with Voice Over, the capability to keep in touch, and use your cell phone has greatly improved for blind and low vision people, immensely.

  8. Configuring automatic reading of field names in ExcelArticle

    If you tab around a worksheet, your screen reader speaks the coordinates of the currently active cell. This article describes a screen-reader independent way of configuring your worksheet to have row and column titles automatically spoken as you navigate the sheet.

  9. Web Anywhere Screen ReaderLink

    This link points to a web site where there is a free, ready-to-run screen reader that requires no installation.