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  1. How to use hotmail as a blind user effectivelyQuestion

    I want to help my blind friends use hotmail to read email, get attachments, and send it without them hating the email client. Does any one have ideas how this can be done?

  2. How to use Outlook Express in XPArticle

    This is a Jaws guide on how to use Outlook Express. It will not work in Windows 7 only XP and earlier.

  3. How to sign up and navigate the gmail email as a jaws user.Article

    A guide to gmail for jaws users: signing up and navigating the browser

  4. How to use the new Yahoo mailQuestion

    I am having trouble using the new yahoo mail with JAWS.

  5. How To Check For New Yahoo! Mail Using A Screen ReaderVideo

    This video demonstrates how to check for new email Yahoo! Mail using JAWS 12 and Internet Explorer 9

  6. How to reply to a Yahoo! email using a screenreaderVideo

    This video demonstrates how to send a reply in Yahoo! Mail.

  7. How To Navigate Your Message List in Yahoo! Mail Video

    This video demonstrates how to navigate your message list in Yahoo! Mail.

  8. How To Compose A New Email in Yahoo! Mail Using A Screenreader. Video

    This video demonstrates how to compose a new email in Yahoo! Mail using a screenreader.

  9. Known Issues With Yahoo! Mail AccessibilityLink

    JAWS 11 doesn't automatically toggle the virtual buffer on or off for the different sections of Yahoo! Mail's user interface.

  10. New Yahoo! Mail Help Accessibility TopicsLink

  11. Instructions on how to turn off protective view for Outlook attachments for Microsoft WordArticle

    Instructions on how to turn off the protective view in Word so that Outlook attachments will open without a special keystroke.