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  1. Seeing With Sound - Using Flash SonarArticle

    How do blind people navigate around without walking into things? I use echo location to detect opsticles in my way and to get a picture of the area around me.

  2. Walking out into darkness and uncertaintyArticle

    My first days at university, i didn't want to explore around campus on my own. I was scared because it was so big! Tips on helping you go out and do it!

  3. Gayle Unplugged: An Adaptive Technology & Real Life Situations of the Blind BlogLink

    Gayle Unplugged is a section of Perkin's School For the Blind website is also known as "hints for real life".

  4. LookTel Money Reader for iPhone - PerformanceVideo

    Demonstration of LookTel money reader for the iPhone.

  5. Haptic shoe could replace the white caneArticle

    A vibrating device in your shoe to guide you and avoid obsticles. Lets see if this one sees the light.

  6. Become Your Own O&M InstructorArticle

    You don't always need a professional mobility instructor to conquer a new route. Your key to becoming more independent is to simply think out of the box. Read my long article to learn how.

  7. NE Med Center Article about Pollpeter FamilyArticle

    Read an article from the NE Med Center's newsletter about the Pollpeter family. It addresses diabetic pregnancy and blind parenting.