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  1. First known Blind Movie Critic to appear on Jimmy Kimmel LiveArticle

    First published by the Associated Press

  2. Student Has No Trouble Visualizing A Doctorate in ChemistryLink

    Article written by Ed Fletcher in the Sacramento Bee about Henry "Hoby" Wedler, a blind doctorate student studying organic chemistry at UC Davis.

  3. Utah's Transition Action Guide: Students With Disabilities & Team MembersLink

    Guide to help with the process of planning by teams for the transition from school to adult life for students with disabilities.

  4. Utah Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) WebsiteLink

    DSBVI provides support of employment and independence for individuals who have visual impairments or blindness.

  5. CBS: Blind Chef's Magic TouchVideo

    Cynthia Bowers reports, Laura Martinez can cook up a storm, even though she's been blind since birth.

  6. Braille Monitor: Leading Publication of the National Federation of the Blind Link

    The Braille Monitor is the leading publication of the National Federation of the Blind and has been the voice of the nation’s blind since 1957.

  7. Future Reflections: NFB of Utah Project STRIVEArticle

    Article written by Cheralyn Creer about the NFB of Utah, Project STRIVE. Meeting the unique needs of blind and visually impaired youth throughout Utah.

  8. October, 2011 issue of accessWorld - Now AvailableLink

    Articles about employment, a review of the Braille Sense , a discussion of the new AccessWorld app for the iPhone,etc.

  9. Blind archaeologist uncovers ancient childbirth inscriptionArticle

    awesome articleabout what blind people can do!

  10. Deja Powell: Slate & Stylish BlogLink

    Deja Powell, Korky, Krazy, Sometimes Funny, always honest blog about blindness!

  11. Become Your Own O&M InstructorArticle

    You don't always need a professional mobility instructor to conquer a new route. Your key to becoming more independent is to simply think out of the box. Read my long article to learn how.

  12. VisionAware WebsiteLink

    The Self-Help Resource Center For Vision Loss

  13. Louisiana Center for the BlindLink

  14. The Colorado Center for the Blind WebsiteLink

    The Colorado Center provides innovative teaching techniques & philosophy that has far-reaching effects on the lives of blind people, taking them to new heights of independence.

  15. Do You Dream In Color - A Documentary FilmVideo

    Do you dream in color? Blind teens share their dreams and hopes.

  16. Employment Initiatives at The Hadley School for the BlindArticle

    Although statistics vary somewhat, the most reliable data sources suggest that the under- or unemployment rate of persons who are blind or visually impaired is 70%-80%. To that end, the school has implemented several initiatives aimed at enabling its students to find and excel in employment, which is a crucial component of independent living.

  17. Writing Your Way to an InterviewArticle

    Even under better economic circumstances, landing a job interview can be an exercise in patience and fortitude. Let’s examine the résumé, arguably the most critical application component, and some ways you might consider building it up to land yourself an interview.

  18. Donna Neri Wells presents on the business enterprise program in UtahVideo

  19. Field Services at the Division of Services for the Blind and Visually ImpairedVideo

    Everette Bacon reviews technology and employment, low vision services, and field training that is provided through Utah's Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired