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  1. Research on Sun Protection and How It Affects People with AlbinismVideo

    Dr. Aisha Sethi MD from the University of Chicago shares her research on Sun Protection and how it affects people with Albinism.

  2. Albinism Saga (Part 3/3)Video

    Information about albinism from Matt and Ashley. Both have albinism.

  3. NOAH: Connecting the Albinism CommunityVideo

    NOAH: (National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation). Connecting the Albinism Community

  4. Being Legally Blind: Ocular Albinism Part 2 "FAQS"Video

    This video is Casey's personal experience living with ocular albinism. This is part two and a follow up on her first video called: Being Legally Blind: Ocular Albinism.