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  1. How to Make Open Office AccessibleAudio

    A demo on how to make open office accessible using java access bridge.

  2. ChromeVox User Guide: Screenreader for Chrome OSLink

    ChromeVox by google is a screen reader for Chrome OS, intended to bring the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome OS to visually impaired users

  3. Mailing list - Accessibility of the new SiriusXM playerLink

  4. Nokia Screen Reader from Code FactoryArticle

    New Nokia screen reader available probably later this year on selected phones. Check it out!

  5. Federal Government Limits Web AccessArticle

    Is internet access a civil right? Apparently not for all Americans. A federal worker explains how the U.S. is ensuring a "separate but not equal" policy.

  6. Improved access to Facebook and WhatsApp Article

    The new version of the F123 Access extension for Mozilla Firefox, now includes accessibility improvements for Youtube and Facebook, in addition to WhatsApp.