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  1. How to clean out an old computer.Article

    This article tells you what you need to do when changing out your computers.

  2. Got any old electronics you want to get rid of?Link

    Really cool place to get rid of old electronics

  3. Web Site all about STEM techniques for the blindLink

    This web site contains articles on how to teach, learn and adapt science, technology, math, and engineering for blind students.

  4. Chieko Asakawa: 2011 Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award for LeadershipVideo

    Chieko Asakawa is an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer of Accessibility Research and Technology at IBM Research.

  5. Using iTunes on the PCQuestion

    Jaws and iTunes. How do I purchase songs, create playlists and download apps for the iPhone?

  6. Hadley School for the BlindLink

    The Hadley School for the Blind promotes independent living through lifelong, distance education programs.

  7. How to use the new Yahoo mailQuestion

    I am having trouble using the new yahoo mail with JAWS.

  8. What are the Best blind friendly cellphones to use?Question

    I am looking for some suggestions on buying a blind friendly cellphone.

  9. Gayle Unplugged: An Adaptive Technology & Real Life Situations of the Blind BlogLink

    Gayle Unplugged is a section of Perkin's School For the Blind website is also known as "hints for real life".

  10. Braille Monitor: Leading Publication of the National Federation of the Blind Link

    The Braille Monitor is the leading publication of the National Federation of the Blind and has been the voice of the nation’s blind since 1957.

  11. No Barriers: Blind Sailing Using Talking GPS NavigationVideo

    No Barriers shows how Scott Duncan uses GPS technology to sail independently.

  12. Louisiana Center for the BlindLink

  13. The Colorado Center for the Blind WebsiteLink

    The Colorado Center provides innovative teaching techniques & philosophy that has far-reaching effects on the lives of blind people, taking them to new heights of independence.

  14. Employment Initiatives at The Hadley School for the BlindArticle

    Although statistics vary somewhat, the most reliable data sources suggest that the under- or unemployment rate of persons who are blind or visually impaired is 70%-80%. To that end, the school has implemented several initiatives aimed at enabling its students to find and excel in employment, which is a crucial component of independent living.

  15. How to Make images of Text Appear Larger and Readable for OCRArticle

    Learn how to independently enlarge image-based documents containing small print, using screen reader technologies.

  16. I am a computer consultantAudio

    This is how I work as a blind computer consultant