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  1. Preschooler with cane descending escalatorVideo

    Young blind children can be independent and safe on escalators using their cane and non visual techniques.

  2. Free White Cane ProgramLink

    Information about the National Federation of the Blind's Free White Cane Program.

  3. Walking out into darkness and uncertaintyArticle

    My first days at university, i didn't want to explore around campus on my own. I was scared because it was so big! Tips on helping you go out and do it!

  4. Pathway to Independence: Cane TravelVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers the area of cane travel.

  5. Haptic shoe could replace the white caneArticle

    A vibrating device in your shoe to guide you and avoid obsticles. Lets see if this one sees the light.

  6. Seeing with Sound - No limitsArticle

    How I came to know echo location as an amazing tool of orientation and mobility.