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  1. Preschooler with cane descending escalatorVideo

    Young blind children can be independent and safe on escalators using their cane and non visual techniques.

  2. Free White Cane ProgramLink

    Information about the National Federation of the Blind's Free White Cane Program.

  3. Summer downhill skiing at Snowbird Utah with Brook SextonVideo

    Brook Sexton is an expert skier who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brook was born blind but hasn't let that stop her from achieving her dreams.

  4. Living with Low Vision: "The Benefits of Using A Cane" Audio

    Dr. Bill Takeshita from AIRS-LA explains the benefits of using a white cane.

  5. Michael Hingson & His Guide Dog Roselle: Surviving 9/11 Video

    Michael Hingson is a blind man who survived the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 with the help of his guide dog Roselle.

  6. Pathway to Independence: Cane TravelVideo

    Pathway to Independence. This video training series covers the area of cane travel.

  7. Kristen Cox: "Walk Through The Confusion"Video

    Department of Workforce Services Executive Director, Kristen Cox speaks about an experience that changed her life for the better. Kristen happens to be blind.

  8. Deja Powell: Slate & Stylish BlogLink

    Deja Powell, Korky, Krazy, Sometimes Funny, always honest blog about blindness!

  9. Louisiana Center for the BlindLink

  10. The Colorado Center for the Blind WebsiteLink

    The Colorado Center provides innovative teaching techniques & philosophy that has far-reaching effects on the lives of blind people, taking them to new heights of independence.

  11. Colorado Center for the Blind's Confidence CampVideo

    Colorado Center for the Blind's Confidence Camp.

  12. the Longg White Cane as a Low Vision DeviceAudio

    as a Structured Discovery Cane Travel Instructor working for a traditional rehabilitation agency, Peret presented the long white cane as a viable low vision option