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  1. I Have A VisionAudio

    Barbie Elliott a professional singer song writer composed, played and sang this song about blindness when she was 15.

  2. Lime Lighter Demonstration: Low Vision Solution for MusicVideo

    The Lime Lighter displays printed music notation using the traditional five-line staff, allowing user to magnify the music up to 10 times the original size.

  3. Guided By MusicVideo

    ESPN story behind the Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Panthers

  4. Lions Marching Band Features Blind Trumpet PlayerVideo

    David Bouchard earned one of the coveted spots in the Mississippi Lion's All-State Band's trumpet section.

  5. The China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe - Music Ensemble: Sound Of MusicVideo

    A video of visually impaired adults from the China disabled people's performing art troupe during their production of "My Dream"

  6. Strive SongAudio