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  1. How to Use Goal Seek in ExcelAudio

  2. Relative and Absolute Cell Reference for ExcelAudio

  3. How to Create and Edit Formulas in ExcelAudio

    Creating and editing formulas: (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division)

  4. How to Navigate in Excel Audio

    Explains how to move around in the spreadsheet, move to different sheets in the workbook, Move among different excel files, go to a specific cell or text in the spreadsheet, etc.

  5. Configuring automatic reading of field names in ExcelArticle

    If you tab around a worksheet, your screen reader speaks the coordinates of the currently active cell. This article describes a screen-reader independent way of configuring your worksheet to have row and column titles automatically spoken as you navigate the sheet.

  6. How to sort, filter, and auto fill in excelAudio

    If you are having trouble sorting or filtering tables in excel, here is an easy to follow example.

  7. A walk through of creating row and column headers that Jaws will read Audio