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  1. Options for Image-based DocumentsArticle

    Nowadays, all you see are PDF documents. Most of these are images, and can be difficult for screen readers to interact with.

  2. The RoboBraille Service: Best Quality OCRArticle

    RoboBraille is a web-based service for converting inaccessible PDF, Word, or even JPG images of text. Read on to find out more about this beautiful online service!

  3. How to Make images of Text Appear Larger and Readable for OCRArticle

    Learn how to independently enlarge image-based documents containing small print, using screen reader technologies.

  4. Accessing Foreign Language Material such as Bilingual DictionariesQuestion

    I'm wondering if anyone has found an effective way to access foreign language materials (eg bilingual dictionaries), otherwise only available in print? I have not found any OCR solutions to be satisfactory for this purpose.