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  1. How to share Google Docs files on the iPhone with VoiceoverVideo

  2. How to delete a file in Google Drive while using Voiceover on iOS devicesVideo

    Using an iPhone to delete a Google Docs document

  3. How to use Google Drive and create Google Docs on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchVideo

    this video explores the Google Drive app on the iPhone while using Voiceover

  4. Connecting a Bluetooth braille display to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchVideo

    In this video we demonstrate how to connect the Freedom Scientific Focus 14 Braille Display to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

  5. short DAISY book - Improvements in the Accessibility of IOS5Link

    Improvements in the accessibility of IOS5, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Visit this link to learn about the changes if you haven't already.

  6. Voice Over is WonderfulArticle

    I, like a great majority of people, take part in social network, and text messaging, and with Voice Over, the capability to keep in touch, and use your cell phone has greatly improved for blind and low vision people, immensely.

  7. Navigating and interacting with the iPhone Home screenAudio

    Do you need some iPhone basics? This brief tutorial goes over how to unlock the screen, describes the general layout of the home screen, how to move from one icon to the next using VoiceOver gestures, how to open an app from the home screen, how to move to the different pages of the home screen, and how to open and close folders

  8. Brief Introduction to Safari on iOSAudio

    Quick but detailed description and demonstration of the safari web browser on iDevices

  9. Brief Introduction to Safari on iOSAudio

    Quick but detailed description and demonstration of the safari web browser on iDevices

  10. How Braille Turned Me Into a Purse JunkieArticle

    This is an article I wrote for the NFB of Oklahoma Newsletter. It is a personal account of my experience with Braille and demonstrates the need for appropriate Braille instruction for the blind and particularly for all blind children.

  11. Preview ofUpcoming NLS BARD app for iOSArticle

    From - In this approximately 26-minute podcast, Allison Hilliker and Darrell Shandrow are honored to speak with Judy Dixon, Consumer Relations Officer with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, all about the upcoming release of the agency’s BARD Mobile app for reading Braille and digital talking books on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

  12. How to delete ring tones from your iPhone using iTunesAudio

    If you have ever been frustrated trying to delete a ring tone from your iPhone, here is a brief walk through of how to remove them using iTunes with Jaws.

  13. I Devices and Me: Age 11Video

    In this video I will show you how I operate I devices. They can provide entertainment, and they are also very friendly for people with visual impairments. I am eleven years old, and I know how to text using an Apple keyboard or a braille display, call with voice command, and many other useful things.

  14. RiVO keyboard for VoiceOverArticle

    RiVO is a revolutionary keyboard made for iPhone VoiceOver users. Being about the size of a credit card, it is highly portable and yet comfortable. You can use it to enjoy your iPhone in your pocket.

  15. RiVO for iPhone VoiceOver now expands to handle more languagesArticle