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Improved access to Facebook and WhatsApp Article

What is F123 Access?

F123 Access (pronounced F 1 2 3 Access), is software that reformats web pages to make them more accessible and convenient for persons who are blind and use screen-reading software.

  • How can I try F123 Access?*

The software is currently available as a Mozilla Firefox extension. It improves the accessibility and usability of WhatsApp on the web, Facebook and Youtube. To install Mozilla Firefox please visit:

To install F123 Access please visit the following link on your Firefox browser:

Once you sign-up, you will receive installation instructions, including the download link.

  • How can I use WhatsApp through the web?*

After you have registered and installed F123 Access, you can use WhatsApp with your computer by visiting the WhatsApp website.

The login process will require your smartphone and we recommend that it be accessing the web through a WiFi connection. You may find additional details on the WhatsApp website.

You may exchange ideas, offer suggestions, and ask questions on F123 Access on the project’s Google list. To join this group, send an e-mail message to:

  • What commands are available to me after installing this software?*

The web version of WhatsApp is not accessible to screen readers. Once that page is reformatted by F123 Access you will find numerous headers and button labels placed there for your convenience. For example, level 2 headers, accessible on most screenreaders by pressing 2 or Shift+2, will show you the names of your contacts and groups.

When inside a conversation, level 4 headers will show you messages you have received, and level 5 headers the messages you have sent. Of course, should you wish to read all of them in sequence, you may simply use H and Shift+H in most screenreaders. Finally, you may use the up and down arrow keys if you need to hear all the details such as the date and time of each message.

  • I love it! How can I have this level of convenience for other web sites?*

F123 Access can fix accessibility problems automatically in a large number of web pages, and this will be available to everyone in our future versions of the software. In the meantime, you may suggest a web site that is important to you, and we will do our best to give priority to the most requested pages.

Our team will also prioritize accessibility work that helps fund the continued development of this technology. Organizations, companies, foundations, and individuals can hire our competitively-priced accessibility services directly, or by joining a crowdfunding initiative. Pricing will vary according to the type of web site and so will the needed time to deliver an accessible and conveniently usable version of that page. Those interested in our work can reach us at:

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