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Employment Article

My name is Thara Pech and am self employed, working as an inspirational speaker and a Disability Awareness Consultant. Working as a speaker requires me to be well dressed as it also helps to dispel any misconceived ideas sighted persons may have about visually challenged persons. I store my pairs of shoes in boxes and also in a shoe organiser, which allows for only one pair to be on each shelf. I have a walk in wardrobe and hang most of my clothes. I ensure that I do not have two pieces of clothing with the same design which helps me to identify the pieces easily and quickly.
The other aspects of my work includes preparing the message. I store my notes on my mobile phone which has a voice over feature but have not had to use it yet. I type the complete message on my laptop and memorise the presentation. I also use my phone to keep a diary of events.I have a facebook page and a Linkedin page , both of which are for the business. I do most of the maintenance and posting by using my laptop which has a screen reader software.

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