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RiVO keyboard for VoiceOver Article

I’d like to introduce a revolutionary keyboard made for iPhone VoiceOver users. It’s called RiVO which stands for Remote interface to VoiceOver.

RiVO is a portable Bluetooth keyboard about the size of a credit card. There are 12 buttons in the middle just like telephone keypad, and there are 4 additional buttons on the left and on the right, respectively. It provides unique interfaces for quick, precise and yet comfortable control of VoiceOver. Moreover, it makes typing and editing text fast and easy, music control simple and handy. It has been designed to be a productivity keyboard for people using iPhone or iPad with VoiceOver. RiVO users surely use a greater number of apps everyday than just VoiceOver users.

These are some of the comments we have received from RiVO users around the world:
- RiVO is the most accurate and efficient tool for the blind to use smartphone.
- I have 275 apps on my iPhone and RiVO is really valuable and helpful.
- Alphabet typing becomes extremely fast with RiVO.
- RiVO is a must-have accessory that many blind people will appreciate.
- I have RiVO with me all the time.
- Getting beyond different levels of the gestures are extremely faster with this keypad.
- RIVO’s smallQWERTY is superior to the old method of alphabet entry.
- I use iPhone and RiVO every day, all day long.
- RiVO is an indispensable accessory to the blind.
- RiVO enables me use my iPhone precisely and quickly while on the move.
- RiVO makes me use my iPhone without having to be conscious of the surroundings with my gesture actions.
- RiVO gives me the convenience and freedom to use iPhone just like those who can see.
- We really love this wonderful keyboard that you guys have made usable for us!
- I love my RiVO! I keep it in my pocket all the time.
- I am very happy with the keyboard’s performance on both of iOS and Android platforms.
- RiVO can provide relief to many users who are struggling with touchpad interface.
- We were working with a customer who is blind, can only use one hand, and has cognitive disabilities. RiVO gave him better access than he had ever had before to a desktop or iOS device.
- RiVO will become a true part of my iPhone experience, and will make the iPhone so much easier to use. You have brought a wonderful device into our lives.
- This little gadget will definitely change the way I work with my iPhone. My right arm is feeling better already.

More information about RiVO can be found at and I hope RiVO is a convenient accessory to help you find, explore and enjoy the potential of your smart devices and fabulous apps.

Thanks and best wishes,

Ein Lee
RiVO Team, Mobience

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    Listen to an excellent audio demonstration of RiVO from a podcast, called iSee - How to use Apple Products from an Accessibility Perspective, created by David Woodbridge. You will find a lot of useful audio demonstrations of great products from his podcast. You may search for "iSee David" in the Podcasts app, or visit the following link, where RiVO demonstration is the one posted on May 7, 2014:

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