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sign twirler for Great Clips and Fusion Signs and Designs Article

I’m a man of the house who works, even though I’m blind. I don’t let my blindness stop me from working. It feels good to go out and help people and be a light unto the world! I use my strengths and abilities to go forward in life and learn more. I go to Braille Institute and volunteer as a braille teacher and I help people learn how to use JAWS: a PC screen reading software package sold by Freedom Scientific. It feels good to do this because making progress in life, for me, is helping others learn to achieve their goals and to find work in the sighted world. I like to help the blind walk joyfully by faith and not by sight. I feel it’s important to not let blindness stop one from being positive or from working toward one’s goals, or going out in the world to help others. My work involves being a sign twirler for Great Clips and Fusion Signs and Designs. They like how I sing and dance while I twirl their signs. Great Clips gets more customers to get their hair cut because of how good I look with a big smile while I twirl their sign. With Fusion Signs and Designs I twirl a sign for the Richmond American Homes. They say that they’re getting a lot more compliments from people that look at their houses because of how handsome I look while I twirl their signs. The managers have told me that people wave at me as they drive by but that I don’t wave back. A most important step towards going out into the world to obtain a job is by keeping our thoughts pure and noble, and by always maintaining a positive attitude. The more passionate we are toward reaching our goals — by the grace of God — the more likely we’ll achieve them! With God’s help, I hope all visually impaired folks get a job in the world of the sighted. Sincerely your friend, Jason Eien

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