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I am an Information Technology Specialist Article

Michelle Clark
Information Technology Specialist

I work in the Office of the Chief Information Officer. We are responsible for making decisions on computer selection, application, and websites to help us and the people we serve to do their jobs. In addition, we are responsible for Cyber Security, acquisition of equipment and program budgeting.

In particular, I work in the Technology Division. I am responsible for evaluating and writing reports where I use the assistance of JAWS. This also helps me in authoring a short monthly email to employees for helpful tips when interfacing or requesting services from our Help Desk.

I give assistance and opinions on 508 issues and serve as a end user tester for new applications and websites.
I use Outlook to send requests to clients for reconciliation of records for accurate billing. This is done in Excel. I have to have macros run to filter material and separate the reports to send out to separate entities.

I am expected to attend and participate in meetings. I also use a Pac Mate when attending or for notes when giving a report or leading a meeting. However, I do not forget to use the old reliable, slate and stylist. I have a Janus Slate and keep a supply of index cards when I am in situations where I just need to jot down short notes.

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