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Make reusable 50/50 raffle tickets Article

The Tallahassee Chapter of the NFB holds a monthly 50/50 raffle during our meetings. We have tried many ways to do this so that all members; blind and sighted could be independent with their tickets and share in the fun of winning. Finally something reusable and durable. Johnnie Slaton, president of the chapter came up with Pull-ums and Sylvia Young, secretary make her dream a reality. Each ticket has two parts. Both have the same number in large print and braille. They are held together with Velcro so that when you purchase a ticket; the person is given one ticket and the other goes into the jar for the raffle. When the raffle is over the two tickets are joined back together, ready for next month’s drawing.
Here’s how they were made: 1. Each number is printed twice and cut out separately. 2. They are then glued to colored cardstock pieces a little larger than the number. 3. They are placed into a peel and stick laminate sheet. 4. Cut out separately. 5. The braille number is then placed on the front. 6. Small pieces of velcro are placed on the back (hook on one number and lock on the matching number). Now you are ready for the fun to begin.

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