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Setting the Internet Explorer Desktop Application as the Default in Windows 8 Audio

When I first started using Windows 8, I noticed that my Internet Explorer did not seem to work the same way with Jaws it had previously. It did not respond to the keyboard commands as I expected it to. I learned that Windows 8 opens the Internet Explorer app by default and not the Internet Explorer desktop application.

I am posting both audio and written instructions on how to make the internet explorer desktop application the default.

Press Windows W, which opens the Windows Setting search charm.
Type internet options and press enter
Use control tab to get to the Programs property sheet
You will then land on a combo box. Use the up or down arrow until it says always in Internet Explorer on the desktop.
Press tab and it will say, open internet explorer tiles on the desktop, and make sure it is checked. (Press the spacebar to check it if not already checked)
Use the tab key to get to OK and then press enter.

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