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You Tube demonstrations of the JAWS Screen reader. Article

There are almost 2000 videos about JAWS on YouTube. Here is what I have looked at so far.

Basic overview of the JAWS screen reader

JAWS Screen Reader – Hear an Example

Demo of JAWS Screen Reader, March 2011

Using a Computer as a Blind Person – JAWS Screen Reader

ARIA Live Regions Screen Reader Demo

Video 9 – Using Jaws Computer Screen Reader to Create A Table

Accessing the web using screen reading software

Introduction to the Screen Reader

Web accessibility for people with vision impairments

Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility

JAWS – screen reader Demo by Pam

Introduction to screenreaders – JAWS

Logger Pro

JAWS VS NVDA. a screen reader battle

JAWS 14 screen reader VS NVDA screen reader by Robert Kingett

Assistive technology program JAWS screen reader web accessibility demonstration

JAWS screen reader reading homepage

Looking at the J K Rowling website with the Jaws screen reader

Jaws Screen Reader

Jaws version 10 screen reader


Web Accessibility Tutorial – Screen Readers

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