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Student Speaks to Class to Educate about Blindness Audio

Here, I share the facts about being a blind person and detail the common misperceptions and stereotypes about blindness. this is an informative speech given for a public speaking class, May 10, 2013.
Though this was done as an assignment for a class, I have done it a few more times in the past. In two consecutive years during the springs of 2010 and 2011, I have given presentations to elementary and middle school students with other friends and teachers.
In this presentation, I attempt to educate people about how a blind person can do everything and anything, given the training and opportunity, and how we are only normal people who can’t see. I bring out the misconceptions from the past, how they are used today, in both recreational and employment settings, and I show the Blind Driver Challenge video as a visual to demonstrate the true capacity of the blind and what is possible.
The reason I am posting this speech is not only for your pleasure but because it is actually a very good idea to educate sighted audiences about blindness from a possitive perspective by giving presentations like this, and by doing so, it could be even possible to demonstrate the philosophical views just like the one from the National Federation of teh Blind .
whenever you have time and the resources, please think about giving presentations or speeches at public schools, colleges, universities, and other such public venues, as this could be a really good way to convey to the public how capable we as blind people really are. If you are a teacher of the blind and / or a teacher of disabilities whose students are influenced by possitive views of blindness and the alternative skills, please don’t be afraid to let your student share these facts with a class or schoolwide. If possible, if they are high school students, arrange presentations in different areas of the school district so they can share all the public needs to know about blind people. If you are a college student like myself, try to talk to your classmates about the facts of blindness and your possitive philosophical views. When possible, don’t be afraid to arrange presentations to the schoolwide community that focus on what it’s possible as a blind person.
Please note that this was recorded on a laptop computer. any audio qualities or projections may vary.
Please enjoy!

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