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How to Quickly view E-mail message in Browser with Outlook 2010 Article

Are you a Microsoft Outlook 2010 user? Do you use a screen reader when viewing e-mail messages? If so, are you frustrated by the new design of the reading pane and the editing pane that renders the message body contents? When you read HTML e-mail messages, do you feel like there are so many awful-looking tables that you need to cross through in order to read your invoice, bill, or newsletter? Then be frustrated no more!

If you are not using JAWS version 14.0 or later, you will notice that Outlook now uses Microsoft Word® to render the content of the HTML and even plain text a-mail messages. Unless you use JAWS 14, which uses the virtual cursor to display the e-mail message, there is a quick hotkey that you can press to tell Outlook you want to view the email in your Web browser.

If you are in your inbox message list, and you have the reading pane enabled, tab to the message, and then press the key combination Insert+Control+Shift+W. this will bring up a context menu with one option, called “view in browser.” Just carry out the command by pressing enter.
Also, when you press enter on a message from within your message list, and the message window pops up, you can press the same shortcut key, INSERT+CONTROL+SHIFT+W, to bring up this short menu and begin reading your message in your browser.
Once you press enter on the view in browser option, your message can now be displayed in your web browser, and you can read it as if it were an online web page. Table quick-key commands, heading commands, ETC. will all work.

Please note, JAWS 13.0 users, this is not to be confused with the already shortcut key to open Outlook messages in the web browser. JAWS 13 should have a built-in script for Microsoft Outlook 2010, attached to the hot key INSERT+SHIFT+W, to automatically read the message in the browser when the message is actually open. NVDA and Window-Eyes users, as well as JAWS users earlier than JAWS 13, should be able to invoke the outlook-default key INSERT+CONTROL+SHIFT+W freely for any e-mail message.

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