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The RoboBraille Service: Best Quality OCR Article

Have you ever wondered how you could read printed pages without sighted assistance on the computer? Or perhaps, you have a scanner installed with your computer, but you do not have the software to powerfully convert your scan to a readable OCR document. Can you scan documents using a scanner, but you don’t have specialized blindness software such as OpenBook®, or Kurzweil 1000 because you cannot afford them? Or maybe someone sent you a PDF file by email and it is an image of text, rather than actual text appearing in the PDF file, and your screen reader can’t read it. Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone, because indeed, you have a free, yes, Free, totally free, solution! And it is right out-of-the-web!

Introducing “RoboBraille”:, a free, web-based and email-based solution for converting documents, of whatever source, into well-crafted, high quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text!
RoboBraille® allows you to submit a file directly into their service, being either on the web with an internet browser, or via e-mail. Then, once you submit a file, E.G., an inaccessible PDF file, you can then tell it how you want your file to be re-created back and sent. There are many options for conversion. You can convert a file into a Microsoft word document, rich text document, excel document, an audio recording (mp3), and yes, even formatted Braille! It is truly amazing!

Want to learn more about RoboBraille®? Simply visit their page: Once you launch the web page, you will be presented with a normal page, and then a frame. When you rich the frame, called “Sensus Alternative Media Made Easy”, you will see instructions to guide you to the steps to upload your inaccessible file, and then submit your request for conversion into an accessible file and format you want. Simply follow the instructions, and just read through the options that are available. You can upload .pdf, .tif, even .jpg and .png image files that have text in them.
One scenario where you want to use this service is when you are given a printed sheet of paper, which you cannot read because you are blind. Your computer doesn’t have any scanning / reading software. No OpenBook, no Kurzweil 1000, no Omnipage®, or other software of that nature. But hey, wait… you do have a scanner! So how do you scan and read this very important piece of print document without hiring a reader?
1. You scan the printed page or pages with your scanner and its standalone scanning-to-image functionality.
2. Then, once you have an image of your scan, you go to
3. You follow and read the instructions that are available in the main page for converting the document and uploading. You find the image you just scanned, then upload it.
4. Let’s say you want a word document out of your scan. Simply, you scan the document, you uploaded onto their service (step 1), and select “document conversion” (step 2). Then on step 3, you select to convert to a word (.doc or .DOCX) file. Note. From right on, you must have an e-mail address to output your request and receive your conversion, because on step 4, you will be asked for your e-mail address, before tabbing to and clicking the Submit button.
5. Let’s say your important print paper has many tables and columns. Well, you have a plethora of options. Either (1) you can tell it to process your scan as a word or rich text format document, which would be useful if you want to edit it, and fill in if necessary. Or, (2) you can tell it to output your request as an HTML web page document, and read it with your favorite browser, and use the table navigation commands (if supported by your scree reader) to navigate the table and document.
You can even send your request via e-mail. Using the email address, you simply type in that address, and in the subject line, type the file extension you want to convert to. For example, you could start your e-mail, compose a message addressed to, type “Doc” in the subject line, without the quotes, attach the image file you have scanned, and just click send. Within minutes. You have a Microsoft word document with your printed piece of paper! You will see for yourself, how a good job it does.

RoboBraille® is truly wonderful. You must need to see it to believe it. I have used their service myself and it has been quite a valuable experience. Being a low-income student and not being able to buy OpenBook from Freedom Scientific, or other products like that, I can say I am pleased with the experience that it brings to my table.
If you cannot believe me, try it for yourself at In minutes, or even seconds, you can have a greatly laid out and accessible document from an image document, right in your inbox!

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