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Web Anywhere Screen Reader Link

This link points to a web site where there is a free, ready-to-run screen reader that requires no installation and can be run in any browser, in any version of any kind of computer operating system!
Web anywhere is an application run straight online, from the browser. Anyone can run this screen reader without downloading, installing, or even plugging in a flash drive to run an executible file. no need to ask for administrative privileges to run the screen reader; it works similar to the free screen reader NVDA, but the difference is that you don’t even need a portable copy of the application to run. It works in the browser, with minimum requirements such as a realtime player like Windows Media Player, or Flash Player.

the direct link for the screen reader is:

also, users who wish to try out the Beta version can do so using this link:

Please note, that this screen reader is freely available, and developed right from within the web, for use with an internet browser. Ongoing development is still occuring, so you may see some bugs, which they fix timely.
this project has been developed by the University of Washington , and its computer science program.

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