Skip to content Assistive Tech Lessons Link is a web site where you can find text-based lessons that are downloadable. learn how to use assistive technologies such as JAWS, NVDA, Window eyes, Voice over (for the Mac), and many hardware products such as the iPhone, iPad, and the Refreshabraille Braille Display from APH. is a one-stop resource for downloading lessons that cover many aspects of using a computer as a blind and low vision person. You can find out how to use Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, powerpoint, and word, and many other applications that work well with JAWS. Learn how to chat using the ever-so popular software Skype, learn how to video-call a person, learn how to use Google Talk, learn how to create a visually-appealing PowerPoint presentation, and so much more!
If you’re looking for how to learn things like these, don’t look anywhere else. Go to, and learn away!
[This site is maintained and owned by Dr. Denise M. Robinson, PH.D., who teaches blind and sighted people to use Assistive Technology all over the world using Internet audio- and video-conferencing software. Her contact information is on her site if you want to learn more about her work, or set up a teaching session.]

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