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PowerPoint 2010 with Jaws Lesson Plan Audio

Whether you are the student or the instructor, this lesson includes an assignment and an audio tutorial with step by step instructions to walk you through the basics of navigating PowerPoint 2010 including inserting pictures, audio files, animation timing, and speaker notes. There are two PowerPoint presentations, one for the student and another completed file for the instructor. The audio file will walk the student step by step through the assignment. Simply click on the link below to download this free lesson.

PowerPoint 2010 with Jaws Lesson 1

The questions the student will be asked include:

1. What key do you press to navigate among the different place holders in a given slide?
2. In the normal view, which keys navigate you to the previous and next slides?
3. What key do you press to cycle through the focused slide, notes pane, and outline view?
4. What key do you press to start the PowerPoint slide show?
5. What key do you press to move from slide to slide during the slide show?
6. What key to you press to exit the slide show?
7. On the title slide please insert the background picture of the owl in tree and move the picture to the back so that the picture does not cover the words.
8. On slide two insert the PileatedWoodpecker.wav audio sound and have it play at the same time as the first bullet point.
9. On slide 3, please set slide animation effects to fly in bullet points one at a time when SPACEBAR is pressed or the mouse is clicked during your presentation.
10. In slide three there are speaker notes. Please explain how to read the speaker notes during the presentation.

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