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Win a New Perkins SMART Brailler from! Link, in partnership with Perkins School for the Blind, is sponsoring an exciting giveaway for a brand new Perkins SMART Brailler. This brailler has been making the conference rounds lately so you may have seen the SMART Brailler on display. It really is amazing!

The Perkins SMART Brailler has a small computer screen attached to the front of the brailler that allows you to run through menu options, save files, create different users, play braille games and best of all hear and see what’s being typed in real time.

For parents or classroom teachers who can’t read braille, this little computer screen will completely change the way we approach our children’s school work and allows students to easily share their work in multiple formats!

The SMART Brailler also offers lessons for people who are just beginning to learn braille. Rather than just typing away on a manual brailler, your brailler can now test you, ask you to braille letters or words, and tell you if you’re correct!

Just visit the giveaway page to learn how to enter:

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