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Voiceover on Youtube Article

Jonothan Durtschi and Everette Bacon compiled this list of voiceover demonstrations and how-to links all located on so now you don’t have to search! Everything is just a space bar or enter key or click away!

iPhone VoiceOver Function For People With Disabilities

Quick Overview of VoiceOver on an iPhone

iPhone, iPad and Apple VoiceOver

Navigating a web page with VoiceOver on an iPhone

Dr Robinson teaches iPhone with Voice Over-apps and tricks in the Internet

How to use VoiceOver feature to drag select item and open it by double Tapping in iPhone 3G

iPhone Voiceover

Intro to VoiceOver for iPhone and iPod Touch

Dr. Robinson teaches iPhone with Voice Over-use same tricks for iTouch & iPad

On/Off VoiceOver for iPhone/iPod Touch

iPhone Accessibility: Labeling unnamed buttons with VoiceOver

iphone 4S Assistive Features, Siri and voiceover

Dictation with VoiceOver on iPhone 4S

Delete an icon on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iTools and free up space using voice Over

VoiceOver Settings on iPhone

VoiceOver and iPhone

Using an Apple Wireless Keyboard with VoiceOver on the iPad

Voiceover iPad’s Assistive Technology

Dr. Robinson teachers iPad-set it up by yourself, right out of the box, using Voice over tricks

iPad VoiceOver in iBooks

Make Any iBook Into An Audiobook For Free On iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad – iOS Vlog 588

How to set up and turn off voice over for iPad, pod, and ph

How to activate and deactivate Voiceover on ipod, iphone and ipad

Have your iPad Read your iBooks to you

iPad Voice-Over – Lighthouse Accessible Technology Seminar: iPad, iPhone, I Vote

Dr Robinson teaches Make a Folder to join common Apps, using Voice Over on iPad

iPad VoiceOver Demonstration – Silent.mpg

Using VoiceOver with iBooks

Ipad Voiceover Curtain Issues

iPad Tips: Using VoiceOver in Mail

Ipad Voiceover Crash Course

Accessibility Features on the iPad

iPad educational



How to turn voiceover off ipod/iphone

How to turn off Voice Over on your ipod touch/iphone/ Airplane Mode

VoiceOver tells about himself!

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