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How to join/subscribe Google Groups without a Gmail ID Article

How to join/subscribe Google Groups without a Gmail ID
by Annkur P Agarwal
I ended up pulling my hairs, trying to figure out how to subscribe to Google Groups without a Gmail email Id / Google ID. It was a shock to see that I cannot join a Google group straight forward with my Google Apps Id. Though I did manage to subscribe using my Google Apps email ID, but the process was way too long. I had to signup for a Google Account using my company email id and then as the same was added as a secondary email id for one of my Gmail Ids, I was able to use my company email to receive the Group emails. Phew… long and tiring process!
So to save you the horror of browsing through settings endlessly, here is a simple trick I just discovered. Enter the following text on your browsers address bar:
Replace the ‘GroupName’ here with the Google Group you wan to join and the ‘myid’ at the end with your desired email id. Hit enter and sweet! You will require to click on the confirmation sent to the email id you entered and you would be subscribed without requiring a Google Account, Sign up process, Gmail id etc.

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