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How to delete contacts on the I phone Article

Deleting Contacts On The IPhone 4S
1. Move to the bottom left of your phone’s screen and double tap on “phone.”
2. Slide your finger left to right until reaching “contacts” and double tap
this choice.
3. Move to the top left and slide down to locate the contact to delete. If
it is not on the first screen, use the table index to locate the one to
The table index is activated by:
A. Move to the top right corner of the phone.
B. Flick one finger down and you will hear “table index.”
C. Keep flicking one finger down the right side which will move through the
D. When reaching the letter that would contain the desired contact, move to
the left side of the phone.
E. Move down through the available contacts and double tap your choice.
4. Now you’ve located the contact to delete and have it opened, move to the
top right and locate “edit.” Double tap this button.
5. Swipe up with three fingers once.
6. Move to the bottom left and move up a finger with to “delete.” Double tap
this button.
7. Move back to the bottom left again and move up about two finger widths
and tap delete again. The contact is now gone and you are placed back into
your contact list again.
Double tap the contact from the all contacts list
Hit the edit button on upper right
Swipe up with 3 fingers and the delete button is on the bottom left.

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  1. 1

    Thank you for this well described step by step proceedure. It is a lot to remember when you go to do it.

  2. 2

    I've now successfully deleted you! LOL JK No seriously thanks for helping me I deleted my husband. It's okay though because somehow he got added twice. Thanks for the help.

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