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I phone and I pad downloads Article
Mailing list submitted by chris hallsworth
Date: Sunday, January 08, 2012 5:23 AM
From a later version of iOS 4 and all versions of iOS 5, including the
current release, it is possible to automatically download new items you
download from the store. How it works is if you download a new app from
within iTunes on your computer, it also downloads to your other device(s),
wirelessly, via iCloud. Here is how you set it up:
1. On your iOS device, go to settings, then general, then store.
2. On your computer, and using a screenreader, assuming you are using iTunes
for Windows, open the preferences dialogue box with ctrl-comma.
3. tab to the general button
4. right arrow to the store button and press the spacebar to activate it.
5. Make your selections then click ok.

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