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Fixing PDF Fillable Forms that Aren't Question

This comes from the online help for Adobe Pro versions 8 and 9. These steps won’t work with earlier versions. If you are the user of the form, you won’t be able to follow these steps, but the webmaster or creator of the form will be able to change the form so you can fill it out online, save your changes and submit it via email.

If you try to fill out a form that is PDF-based and you cannot save your changes, send this document to the form’s creator so they can fix it for you.

Enable Reader users to save form data

Ordinarily, Reader users can’t save filled-in copies of forms that they complete. However, you can extend rights to Reader users so they have the ability to do so. These extended rights also include the ability to add comments, use the Typewriter tool, and digitally sign the PDF.

1. Open a single PDF, or select one or more PDFs in a PDF Portfolio.
2. Choose Advanced > Extend Features In Adobe Reader.

These extended privileges are limited to the current PDF. When you create a different PDF form, you must perform this task again if you want to enable Reader users to save their own filled-in copies of that PDF.

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