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How to create a download link for files Article

If you have a file that you want other people to be able to download from BlindHow, this is how you create a link to your file when you have dropbox installed on your computer.

How to create a download link for files
Part 1: Upload the file to Dropbox.
1. Open your Dropbox folder from the desktop.
2. Open the folder entitled “Public.”
3. Paste your file into the Public folder.
Part 2: Create a public link for your file
1. In the Public folder, arrow down to the file you want to share and press the application key.
2. From the drop-down menu, down arrow to where it says dropbox submenu and then press the right arrow to open the submenu.”
3. Down arrow to “Copy Public Link” and then press enter.
4. Post this link to If you do not know how to post a link, follow these instructions for posting links.
Click here to go to the instructions to post a link

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