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How to post links to other resources Article

Posting a link to another website is easy.

1. Log in to
2. Click on the link in the lower left corner of the page that says “Submit Content.”
3. Once you are on the Submit Content page, select the type of article you are submitting from the drop-down menu.
4. Type the title for your submission (and you are encouraged to also type an excerpt)
5. In the box that says “body,” add the body text of your submission.
6. Choose a word in the body text that you want to attach a hyperlink to.
7. Put quotation marks around the word.
8. Place a colon directly after the closing quotation mark.
9. Paste the link to the website directly after the colon.

Example Sentence:
“On Utah Mentor, you have access to a variety of college, career, and financial planning tools.”

Adding a hyperlink to the sentence:
You want users to click on the words “Utah Mentor” to link them to a website.
“On “Utah Mentor”: you have access to a variety of college, career, and financial planning tools.”

In this example, you would put quotation marks around the words “Utah Mentor” and follow the closing quotation marks with a colon. You would paste the website directly after the colon and then continue with the sentence.

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  1. 1

    Im having difficulty following your directions, I cannot locate the 'Submit Content' link at the bottom left - please help as I'd like to post about the challenges for 55 and older blind individuals.


    Doug from

  2. 2

    I think Ive figured it out! I was on the wrong page to begin with. Thanks again

    Doug from 55 Communities

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