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Louisiana Center for the Blind

About Us – Our Programs
Since its inception, the Louisiana Center for the Blind has responded to the needs expressed by blind persons in shaping and determining its programs. The Center presently offers the following programs and services:

Orientation to blindness and adjustment training for adults

Career development and job placement

Computer literacy and adaptive technology training

Outreach services for blind infants and toddlers and their families

Summer Buddy Program for blind children

Summer Training and Employment Project (STEP) for blind teenagers

Workshops and special services for blind seniors

Special seminars for families and professionals

Outreach and referral services

Internships and training for rehabilitation professionals throughout the world

Outreach services and coursework for teachers of the blind

Newsline© free newspaper reading service via telephone

Masters degrees in Orientation and Mobility and Teaching Blind Students, offered through Louisiana Tech University/Louisiana Center for the Blind

The Louisiana Center for the Blind provides residential orientation and adjustment training to legally blind adults. Students remain in training generally from six to nine months depending upon individual needs. The full training curriculum includes Braille, cane travel, keyboarding/computer literacy, home economics, industrial arts, independent living skills, seminar, job development and college placement, and GED/remedial education (if needed). All classes emphasize the development of self-confidence and a positive attitude toward blindness. On average, the Center services approximately thirty students in the general program.

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