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BLIND Incorporated is an adjustment to blindness training center. We teach the skills that blind people need to become independent and employable such as braille, home management, the use of the white cane, and computers with screen reading software, etc. But just as importantly, we instill in our students the confidence to put these skills into practice. We utilize the positive view of blindness of the National Federation of the Blind. We work from the premise that blindness doesn’t have to be a tragedy. We know that, if given training and opportunity, blind people can live full and productive lives.

BLIND, Incorporated offers training for adults, children, teenagers, and seniors. Click on the links below to find out more information about a specific program.

“The Comprehensive Program”: is geared toward adults who want to gain the skills and confidence they need to either continue in their present line of work, continue their education, or begin a new career.

PREP (formerly Life 101) The Post-secondary Readiness & Empowerment Program (PREP) allows teenagers to learn the skills they need to keep up with their peers and prepares them to attend college or join the workforce.

The Buddy Program teaches children ages 9 to 13 that being blind is OK and they can have as much fun as anybody else.

Our Senior Program allows people who lose their sight later in life to learn practical techniques for dealing with their sight loss and network with other seniors who are also losing vision.

Our English Language Learning (ELL) Program is designed to teach both braille and English language to blind people who need to learn to read and speak English.

Our “Veterans and Wounded Warriors Program”: is a pilot program designed to enable blinded veterans and wounded warriors to receive the same high-quality training opportunities available to civilians.

BLIND, Incorporated is located in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the historic Charles S. Pillsbury mansion. Minneapolis is a vibrant and diverse city and the Twin Cities area offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as theater, canoeing, rock climbing, shopping, fishing, live music, and much more. Our students participate in activities to gain confidence and really prove to themselves that they can enjoy the same passtimes as their sighted friends and family members. We believe that blindness may change how we do some things, but it doesn’t stop us from doing them.

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