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The VisionAware Mission

The mission of VisionAware 1 is to provide information, resources, and step-by-step daily living techniques that can increase independence and enhance quality of life for individuals with vision loss. VisionAware is also committed to increasing the visibility of organizations and resources that address the unmet needs of people who are blind, visually impaired, or have low vision.

The Challenge Today

An estimated 285 million people in the world today are blind or have low vision (World Health Organization, 2010). In the United States alone, the American Foundation for the Blind 2 reports that approximately 25 million American adults age 18 and older experience significant vision loss. This includes individuals who have “trouble seeing,” even when wearing glasses or contact lenses, as well as people who are blind or unable to see at all.

Among U.S. adults aged 40 and older, the National Eye Institute estimates that 4.5 to 5.5 million individuals are blind, have low vision, or experience age-related vision loss; in addition, low vision and blindness increase significantly with age, particularly in people over 65.

Although estimates of adult blindness, low vision, and vision impairment can vary, one factor remains consistent: The majority of these individuals do not have regular access to vision rehabilitation services 3.

Our Response To This Challenge

To better respond to the information and rehabilitation needs of the increasing numbers of adults with vision loss, the American Foundation for the Blind 4 and Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation 5 are joining forces to create a state-of-the-art, comprehensive, and expanded web resource.

The new site will integrate VisionAware 1, currently sponsored by Partners for Sight, into the AFB family of web sites, which serves millions of people annually by delivering information and resources about living with vision loss. The site is expected to be unveiled in early 2012 and will target working-age adults, senior citizens, and the families and caregivers of people with visual impairments. You can read the full announcement at the American Foundation for the Blind web site 6.

More About VisionAware

VisionAware 1 is an Online Resource Center that provides free, practical, hands-on information to increase independence and enhance quality of life for adults with vision loss, along with families, friends, and related professionals.

The VisionAware Online Resource Center provides:

Information on eye diseases and disorders
“How-to” techniques, adaptations, and hints for a wide range of daily living activities, including personal self-care, home management, home modification, reading and writing, indoor and outdoor mobility, recreational activities, computer technology, and employment
Directories of helpful services, products, and resources
A monthly e-mail newsletter that provides updates about medical advances and new information on our web site and online resource center. was founded in 2006 by Anne Yeadon, M.A., VRT, with funding from Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Foundation 5.

The VisionAware Team

The VisionAware team is composed of experienced vision rehabilitation professionals who bring you our step-by-step adaptive techniques, independent living resources, and publications. Many of us are blind or have low vision ourselves. Our goal is to provide information and resources that can help adults and their families cope with vision changes, adapt everyday tasks, keep their jobs, enjoy their hobbies, and retain their independence.

Contact VisionAware

Maureen Duffy, Editorial Director: 7

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