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How to Burn A CD Using Only Windows XP Article

How to Burn a CD with XP

1. Insert blank CD.

2. A window with choices appears. (If it doesn’t see below.) Select the one for burning files using Windows XP. You may see choices for burning using other programs like Windows Media player or Roxio; these are not correct.

3. An empty folder for your CD drive opens.

4. Find the files you want and drag, or copy them to the blank folder. You can also locate a file, right click on it, select copy or select with the keyboard and press CTRL-C to copy. To paste/move it to the blank folder with the keyboard, give focus to the blank folder and press CTRL-V.

5. From the formerly blank folder’s menu, select "Write Files to CD. The hotkey is Alt-F T.

6. Follow the steps in the wizard, but be sure to select Make a Data CD. The wizard might suggest you make an audio CD if it finds MP3 or other audio files in the list.

If you don’t get a window of choices, or Windows says there is no disk in the drive, or the CD is “full” it means something went wrong with XP’s file caching. To fix this do the following.

1. Insert a blank CD. Close any windows that pop up.

2. Go to My Computer, Select the CD Drive. A blank folder will appear if a good data disk is inserted. If it doesn’t, try another blank disk.

3) If you still have no luck, then go to My Computer, and select your CD drive, but don’t open it.

4) Instead, call up the drive’s properties, either by right-clicking and choosing Properties, or doing so with the application’s key. Or get properties by arrowing to the drive in My computer, and pressing Alt-Enter.

5) When properties appear, select the recording tab. It is the fifth tab, and you can get there with four presses of ctrl-TAB.

6) On the recording dialog, change the speed. It doesn’t matter whether you increase or decrease the speed, but somehow this forces Windows to look at the drive again and read a newly inserted blank disk.

Now you can copy files to the CD, or if that step worked fine, you can run the wizard again to create (burn) the CD.

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