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How do you drill holes? Question

I have a nifty hand drill and a battery electric drill. My husband has larger drills that also run on AC power. But when I try to drill something, I’m always off by a half-inch or so, even if I think I’ve carefully investigated with my fingers where I want the hole to go. For simple home improvements, craft projects or repair, how do you accurately indicate where the hole is to be drilled?

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  1. 1 This article suggests creating a tactual mark to indicate the location of the hole using an awl, nail, or ice pick to make a small hole at the spot you want to begin drilling. After placing the drill in the indention, you can use a guide (spool) and grip (pliers) to help keep it in place. Good luck!

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    Not sure why you are off by 1/2 inch after you investigate. Is it because you miss with the tip of the drill bit, or because you make the area incorrectly where the drill bit is to go. If it's the latter, you could try using a piece of cardboard as a template and marking that with a sharp object. Then you get to check the hole for accuracy before you drill. Once you're sure the hole in the cardboard is in the correct place (use tape to hold the cardboard in place if necessary), place the tip of the drill bit in the hole in the cardboard and you should be good to go.

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