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Release of JAWS 13 Article

October 24, 2011
Freedom Scientific today announced the release of JAWS® for Windows version 13, including Convenient OCR, a feature that performs Optical Character Recognition on text that is displayed as an image, thereby enabling blind computer users to read items that were previously inaccessible. Examples of such screens include a PDF file, the setup screen of an application, or the menu of selections on a DVD. JAWS now provides an opportunity to read and interact with these screens, including locating and clicking on text which may be required to activate a control.

JAWS 13 also includes Results Viewer, a new HTML interface that displays the results of features like Research It. The new interface enables faster navigation with Navigation Quick Keys and switching to other windows without losing the results of your lookup. Sports scores have returned to Research It and are easier to navigate than ever before. The INSERT+V keystroke now opens the new Quick Settings, which replaces Adjust JAWS Options and matches the easy-to-use Settings Center style interface introduced last year in JAWS 12.

“This release represents a huge step in accessibility for screen reader users,” says Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Product Management for Freedom Scientific. “Whether trying to identify and read inaccessible PDF documents that are just scanned images or interacting with graphical controls that could not previously be located, the new Convenient OCR option built into JAWS 13 has been described as a real game changer. JAWS 13 is also packed with other features and enhancements that have been selected and designed to improve access and ease of use for all users.”

The upgrade is an SMA release and can be downloaded as either a 32-bit or 64-bit version from the JAWS downloads page, here:

You can also download earlier versions of JAWS by clicking on the link “Archive of JAWS for Windows” on the page URL above.

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  1. 1

    I am having troble uploading ( jaw-13 ). I found the web site and was unable to down load the data. Can you help? Thank's Mark Alexander (Alex )

  2. 2

    Hi Mark. What's the problem?
    I seee the URL doesn't have a link one can click on, so i just pasted it into a new tab or browser.

    On that page, go to the "Current English Release of JAWS" heading, and press enter onto one of the FTP links.
    My browser automatically started downloaded the file. Or shall i say, asked me where to save it.

    So please let me know if you came right ok?
    All success with JAWS 13!

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