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How to Use “Find my Friends” App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS5 users: Article

1. Download “Find My Friends” App (made by Apple) from the App store.
2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
3. Click on the link that says “Invite Friends”.
4. Make sure your friend’s email addresses are listed in their contact profile.
5. The next screen will ask you to find the contact you want to send an invitation to. You will hit a plus sign button which will take you to the regular contact screen where you can scroll up and down. Select the contact you want. It will automatically take you back to the other screen.
6. The next part will let you send a personalized message to the recipient of your invitation. After you have typed what you want to say, hit the send button. The message will send to the recipient and show a message saying you will be able to follow that individual as soon as they accept your invitation.
7. When they accept the invitation, you need to accept them in the “requests” section. Then you can view their current location. All your added friends are listed under the “all” section. Just select each one to find out where they are!

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