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Braille Readers Are Leaders Program Link

The Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest is a national contest for students who read Braille, kindergarten through twelfth grades, and all adult Braille readers.

The purpose of the program is to promote the joy of reading for pleasure, to promote a pride in Braille as a viable literacy medium equal to print, and to demonstrate the importance of independent reading in the development of Braille literacy skills.

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There are five categories in the regular competition:

*Beginner: read uncontracted Braille only or read contracted Braille at a rate of 80 or fewer words per minute (wpm)

*Intermediate: read contracted Braille at a rate of 80-160 wpm

*Advanced: read contracted Braille at a rate of 160-220 wpm

*Expert: read over 220 wpm

*Parent/teacher: sighted parents and teachers of the blind qualify for the parent/teacher category

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    This is a great contest. I think anything that promotes more reading is a great thing. Too often we put the book down not thinking it is important. More knowledge really can help us in the long run.

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