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How To Thread A Needle: Non Visual Method Using Soap & Floss Threader Video

Vision loss does not mean an end to your love of sewing. This simple technique of threading a needle using your senses of touch and hearing will enable you to continue working with thread and needles and enjoying creating sewing projects.

Rehab teacher Julie Bergeson shows us a second method of threading a needle without vision, this time using a bar of soap and floss threader.

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    I'm confused. The floss threaders I know of have a pointed tail but a thicker body which won't pass through the eye of anything smaller than a tapestry needle. And with everything encased in plastic blister-pack, I don't see how I can find the right thing in the store. Would someone care to post a link to this product in an online drugstore, such as Walgreens? I want to break loos from self-threading needles forever!

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