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Ninite - Update your software automatically! Link

Ninite is one of the best utilities you must have in your browser’s favourites.

It updates everything you want without asking questions.

Here is a paragraph from their page:

No Clicking Next, Next, Next
Ninite fully automates installers offscreen.

No Toolbars
Ninite automatically says “No” to toolbars and other junk.

Always Up-to-date
A Ninite installer always gets an app’s latest version no matter when you made it.

It Updates Too
Just run your Ninite installer again and it will update the apps to their latest versions.

No Signup
Ninite just works. No account, signup, or client needed.

32 and 64-bit
Ninite installs the best version of an app for your PC.

Ninite installs apps in your PC’s language.

Just go to their site, tick the checkboxes of the software you want to install or update, press the, “get installer” button, and wha-lah!

Like it says, it skips all the toolbars and stuff you struggle with whil installing most popular software.

Also, it helps you updating Adobe Flash, which us blind people have trouble with installing.

It also has a page for accessible software for the blind!

You can also suggest apps.

Go try it out!

Click on the following link to get your PC’s software up to date!

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