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Macular Degeneration (MD): A Self Help Guide to Nonvisual Skills by Dan Roberts Link

Excellent resource written for those that are looking at non visual tips or skills for individuals that have unusable or unreliable vision.

This direct link contains the following contents.

How to Use This Guide.

Self-Evaluation: Independent Activities of Daily Living.

Activity Lessons: Starting here, is a list of the activity lessons, and links to where they will be found.

1. Managing health and personal hygiene.
2. Dressing.
3. Eating.
4. Moving about the home (functional mobility).
5. Toileting.
6. Managing Personal Finances.
7. Practical writing.
8. Cleaning the house.
9. Taking medications.
10. Shopping.
11. Operating the telephone.
12. Reading.
13. Participating in games and hobbies.
14. Experiencing and participating in alive or electronic entertainment.
15. Socializing and communicating with others.
16. Traveling away from home.
17. Responding to emergencies.
18. Preparing meals.
19. Following safety procedures.
20. Doing laundry.
21. Maintaining and caring for home and property.

Articles and resources for learning more about low vision rehabilitation.
Jim’s Story: A Journey Through Rehabilitation.

The Low Vision Rehabilitation Delivery Model (link opens new window).

Directory of Rehabilitation Agencies (link opens new window).

Distributors of Low Vision Devices and Assistive Technology (link opens new window).

Distributors of Audio Books (link opens new window).

Distributors of Assistive Technology Devices (link opens new window).


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