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Will the Siri on the iPhone also work on the iPad 2? Question

I have heard so many awesome things about Siri on the new iPhone 4S and am curious if it will also be available on the iPad 2.

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    Good question! My dad has the new iPhone 4s and the Siri is awesome. From what I have read, the 4s and iPad2 have the same dual core A5 processor and identical RAM, so the iPad2 could support. However, Apple has chosen to have Siri exclusive to the 4s... for now.

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    Hi Edward and Adam,
    Unfortunately, SIRI will not work on the IPAD2. The technology was not developed for the IPAD2 and at the time the IPAD2 was released, it did not have the capability or the processor to run SIRI. We will probably have to wait for the IPAD3!

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